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MHC Restriction

Ward Fleri
posted this on July 22, 2012, 8:42 PM

The IEDB captures the MHC restriction of an epitope when it is either stated by the authors or demonstrated in the manuscript being curated.  In addition, the context in which an experiment is performed is also described. For example, if the effector T cells are CD8+, this context will be described as MHC Class I.  The breadth of MHC restriction data contained in the IEDB spans the 14 species currently having published epitope related data and, among other species, including humans, primates, rodents, cattle, horses, pigs, and chickens.

When performing a search, it is possible to easily narrow the results to include only those relevant to MHC Class I, MHC Class II, or Non Classical MHC.  In addition, if one prefers to retrieve data only for a given serotype, haplotype, or locus, or to further specify an individual MHC allele, the Allele Finder should be used.

Finders are available to help facilitate selections and control vocabulary usage, thus improving result outputs.  At times the potential list of selections can be quite extensive, and the finders help users make selections from large lists.  Multiple selections can be made when utilizing finders during a query.

The MHC Allele Finder facilitates the selection of one or more MHC alleles.  Initially the Allele Finder lists all alleles ordered by allele name.  The Allele Finder allows the user to find alleles by organism, class {I, II, non-classical}, and allele in the Find box (see Figure below).  After the user supplies their search criteria and clicks the Search button, the system will filter the list of MHC alleles using the organism, class, and allele provided.  The allele finder uses wild card characters by default on both ends of criteria entered into the allele field.  The system then returns any alleles that contain the value in the name field and match the class selected.

Figure:  MHC Allele Finder
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