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Organism Finder (IEDB 2.x)

Ward Fleri
posted this on August 7, 2012, 5:22 PM

Finders are available to help facilitate selections and control vocabulary usage, thus improving result outputs.  At times the potential list of selections can be quite extensive, and the finders help users make selections from large lists.  Multiple selections can be made when utilizing finders during a query.

The organism finder is used to facilitate the selection of a species or virus from the NCBI Taxonomy Database.   The Organism finder will allow the user to find species using their name or taxonomy identifier (assigned by NCBI).  When the user performs a search, the system will display a tree structure.  The user can search for a name or Organism ID in the Find box.  In the example shown in Figure 1, a search for "dengue" is performed, which results in 42 items being found.  The user can select one or more of the items.  The user can also choose to highlight the item in the tree, as shown in Figure 2.  When the Organism Finder is adjacent to a Host Organism field, only the source organisms for which data exists in the IEDB are displayed in the tree structure.


Figure 1.  Organism finder showing a search for dengue


   Figure 2.  Organsim Tree within the Organism Finder with Dengue highlighted.

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