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Stephen Wilson October 8, 2008 General Announcements and Updates

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Ward Fleri Feb 6 New and Noteworthy

The redesigned IEDB 3.0 website was released as the production website ( on 5 February 2015.  It has been designed to be more user-friendly and more intuitive to use.  A new query interface has been implemented for searches originating from the home page and from the specialized (advanced) search pages.  A new version of the Immunome Browser has also been implemented.  The previous version of the website, referred to as the legacy website, can be accessed from a link on the home page or by going to  


Ward Fleri Feb 6 Release Notes

The redesigned IEDB website version 3.0.0 was deployed as the new production site on 5 February 2015.  Release highlights include:

  • New V3 interface (previously “beta”) is now the default homepage with old V2 interface still available via the “Legacy Site” link.
  • Added new details filter pages as replacement to V2 advanced searches.
  • Added and integrated new owl-based allele tree finder.
  • Ported all content pages to new V3 format.

Ward Fleri October 7, 2014 Tutorials and Reference Materials

The slide presentations from the 2014 IEDB User Workshop are available below as pdf files.  The webcast sessions can be viewed in the How-to Videos folder.


Day 1 Presentations

  1. IEDB Overview (2-IEDB_Overview2014Day1.pdf)
  2. The Data (3-Data2014Day1.pdf)
  3. Finding data in the IEDB (4-Query2014Day1.pdf)
  4. Immunome Browser (5-ImmBrowser2014Day1.pdf)
  5. Query examples (6-Examples2014Day1.pdf)
  6. Support and help features; exporting data (7-Support2014Day1.pdf)

Day 2 Presentations

  1. Analysis Resource introduction (1-AnalysisResourceIntro2014Day2.pdf)
  2. MHC class I binding predictions (2-classI2014Day2.pdf)
  3. MHC class II binding predictions; RESTful interface (3-classII2014Day2.pdf)
  4. T cell processing prediction, immunogenicity, and analysis tools (4-classI_processing2014Day2.pdf)
  5. B cell epitope prediction tools (5A-BcellPred2014Day2.pdf)
  6. Homology Mapping tool (5B-HomologyMapping2014Day2.pdf)
  7. EpitopeViewer (5C-EpitopeViewer2014Day2.pdf)
  8. PIGS (5D-PIGS2014Day2.pdf)
  9. Paratome, epitope prediction benchmark references and data sets, and tools download (6-Paratome_et_al2014Day2.pdf)

Randi Vita August 12, 2014 General Announcements and Updates

The IEDB 3.0 site is currently publicly available as an beta site ( and is on target to be released by the end of
the summer 2014. This newly designed interface includes new search functionality, including the ability to filter query results on the fly and added search parameters. 

Special Features

  • Most commonly used search parameters moved to center of the home page
  • Epitope Analysis Resource tools made more prominent and easier to find on homepage
  • New results page has left hand search panel to allow filters to be added to the existing result set on the fly
  • Results can be quickly revised using either the "Reset" button or by selectively removing each filter
  • Completely new ‘Antigen’ table organizes and presents epitope data by its antigen
  • Epitope table now provides the numbers of references and assays describing each epitope
  • Immunome Browser now integrated into results tables
  • Ability to limit query results by specific assay type available on results page


Please check out the new beta site and provide feedback.