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Stephen Wilson October 8, 2008 General Announcements and Updates

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Ward Fleri Jun 8 New and Noteworthy

A 2-day IEDB user workshop will be held in San Diego at The La Jolla Institute on October 24 & 25, 2016. This is a great opportunity to learn about all the features of the IEDB database and tools, and to get hands on individual support on how it can answer your research questions.  This will be followed by a user workshop on the HIV Immunology Database and HIV Sequence Database on Wednesday morning and afternoon, October 26, respectively.  Find out more information at


J. Greenbaum Apr 5 Release Notes

v2.14.1 - April 2016

  • Beta version of Class I binding API released that includes speedups through parallelization (email for details on becoming a beta tester)
  • TepiTool beta released (email for details on becoming a beta tester)
  • New 'Labs' page/concept introduced for new tools considered to be in 'beta' (
  • Thorough refactoring of class I binding tools to enhance robustness
  • Many minor bugfixes and improvements throughout

Ward Fleri Feb 9 Release Notes

This topic contains the release notes for IEDB version 3.3.0.

 IEDB v3.3.0

  • Revised molecule finders to use regional mappings for tree structure and searches.
  • Corrected several defects and inconsistencies throughout the site.

Ward Fleri August 28, 2015 Tutorials and Reference Materials

The attached PDF file includes documentation of IEDB Version 3.0.  It contains instructions and graphical examples of the IEDB user interface.  Below is an introductory paragraph.

The Immune Epitope Database and Analysis Resource (IEDB) is a public repository of immune epitope data and is sponsored by the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).  The IEDB development started in December 2003 and it became available to the public in a beta test phase on 15 February 2006.  The IEDB contains data related to antibody and T cell epitopes for humans, non-human primates, rodents, and other animal species.  The IEDB also makes available a variety of analytical and epitope prediction tools and resources within its Analysis Resource.  Since its initial release, the IEDB functionality has been incrementally improved and enhanced.  A major redesign of the underlying data schema and the web interface was released in February 2015and was designated IEDB 3.0.  Several updates have been deployed since that time.  This document described the features of IEDB Release 3.3 as of August 2015.